Where to look for an inspiration?

Template Shake is a library of real-life products – applications, mobile games, websites. A library not only of screenshots, but also of interactions and animations, thanks to which you can see not only how the interface looks, but also how the UX works. 

As a design agency, we were looking for inspiration literally everywhere. We browsed hundreds of gallery sites with concepts (well-known dribble, behance, etc.), designers’ portfolios, Instagram, downloaded loads of applications. For us personally, such a process took too much time and resources (on every third website or application, it was required to pay for a view / subscribe, etc.). A particular pain was signing up for a trial subscription in an app just to check it out only to remember about it when invoice was received. We started to have hundreds of folders on the desktop with applications and patterns that we regularly used to show clients in order to decide on a concept and ideas. Surely, the whole process was absolutely inconvenient and time-consuming.

So, that’s why we decided to make our own library website. We intended it to be super simple online library at first so that we could send links to clients, but we loved the process of creating something of our own so much that we went further and added a few features that just simplified the whole process of showcasing our vision, communicating with clients and between ourselves.

We hope that we will solve some of our fellow designers pain points as well.

Key features

  1. Create and share project Mood Boards
  2. Leave comments and remarks directly on the screens added to mood boards
  3. Free and paid apps
  4. Explore local apps from foreign markets
  5. Find out who is behind the making of each digital product
  6. Filter everything into categories to find exactly what you need in no time 
  7. Download screens directly to your device