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Food Delivery Service | Top Restaurants | Fast Delivery & Humanly Support

Rocket is exactly that friend who can join you with your midnight meal or help you to yum the treats despite your diet.
Unexpectable guests or empty fridge — Rocket will ride to the rescue.
Rain or shine, at any time of year.
Order your meal.
Rocket delivers a care.

Our main value — well-fed and satisfied customers. Install the Rocket app to order food at home or in the office. We deliver from cafes, restaurants and bars.

‣ Rocket Delivers Food in Europe
Food delivery Rocket delivers in Nicosia and Limassol in Cyprus, in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

‣ Deliver Everything You Love
We deliver your traditional breakfasts, hearty lunches, warm dinners. You can order pizza from Rocket and it will be delivered hot. Or order sushi that arrives quickly. Our couriers will carefully deliver the order to the corporate party, birthday, home holiday. Pizza, sushi, rolls, wok, barbecue, burgers, coffee, alcoholic drinks, desserts, groceries — order whatever you like!

‣ Large Selection of Food with Rocket Delivery Service
Mexican, Sushi, Pizza, Italian, Indian, Indonesian, Surinamese, Indian, Middle Eastern — Lebanese, Israeli. Asian (Pan-Asian) — Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean. Vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, healthy — all types of national kitchens can be find in Rocket app. We deliver orders from the most popular cafes in Nicosia, Limassol in Cyprus and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rocket service means:
· Home delivery
· Search for nearby cafes and restaurants
· Convenient payment by card or cash
· Tracking the geolocation of an order
· Convenient selection of dishes from the menu
· Humanly Support service

‣ Rocket Delivery Terms
Make an order for food and products in the near future or indicate what is convenient for you. Delivery time of the order is up to 60 minutes. Thanks to special thermal bags, dishes are delivered warm. You can order pizza for one, or barbecue or sushi for a large company.

Courier delivery of any order:
· vegan
· pizza
· sushi, rolls
· burgers
· wok noodles
· ramen
· shawarma, falafel
· desserts
· coffee
· alcoholic drinks

We deliver food in Nicosia and Limassol in Cyprus and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
P.S. The food delivery market is represented by various services: Foody, Wolt, Bolt, DeliveryMan and others. In turn, Rocket is focused on the quality of provided services, the speed of delivery and the satisfaction of the needs of our customers.

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