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The official app by OpenAI


Introducing ChatGPT for IOS: OpenAI’s latest advancements at your fingerprints.

This official app is free, syncs your history across devices, and brings you the newest model improvements from OpenAI.

With ChatGPT in your pocket, you’ll find:

– voice mode – tap the Headphones icon to speak on the go, request a bedtime story for your family, or settle a dinner table debate.
– creative inspiration – birthday gift ideas or help creating a personalised greeting card.
– tailored advice – help crafting a personalised response or talking through a tough situation.
– learning opportunities – help explaining electricity to a dinosaur loving kid or the ability to easily refamiliarise yourself with a historic event.
– professional input – a brainstorm partner for marketing copy or a business plan.
– instant answers – clarification whether the napkin goes on the right or the left of the plate or a recipe when you only have a few ingredients.

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