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Horizons: Vision Board Maker

Horizons: Vision Board Maker

Manifest your Goals & Dreams


Achieve your goals and dreams faster with Horizons.


5 Benefits of using Horizons :


1. Gives clarity and focus to your goal or dream

2. Reminds you of your ‘why’

3. Provides motivation and inspiration in your pocket

4. Gives you a place to document your thoughts and experiences

5. Starts you on your journey


Use Horizons to create simple, beautiful vision boards in seconds. With an integrated search of Unsplash’s collection of 1000s of photos, you can find inspiring photos quickly and easily. Add photos to your vision board with a simple tap. Add images from your own photo library or photos you find on the web.


Horizons also includes an endless supply of daily motivation with built-in quotes that can be added to your vision boards in seconds.


Horizons isn’t just for photos. You can also create custom text entries that will appear alongside your photos. Add a favorite quote. Add an affirmation. Add a poem. Add a note to yourself. Add anything you want. Make your board yours.


Save your experiences in Horizons. Each vision board has its own journal. Add a daily entry about your actions or your progress towards your goal. In addition to the journal, you can also add your own words to any photo or text entry on your board. Add a note to a quote explaining why it inspires you. Add a title or caption to a photo to remind you of why you added it and what you want.


Use Horizons to make and live your own story.


Add your hopes and dreams with photos and words. Revisit your boards daily. Swipe through your entries in ‘Story View’ and reread all your notes and journal entries. Set a daily reminder and make looking at your vision boards a habit.


The more you look at your boards, the more you can identify with the vision you’ve created and the person who can make that vision happen.


The more you can identify with this vision and that person, the more you will ACT like that person.


“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” – James Clear, author of Atomic Habits


Horizons Features:


• Built-in access to Unsplash’s vast collection of photos

• Built-in access to motivating quotes and affirmations

• Daily reminders with inspirational quotes

• Custom text entries for quotes, affirmation, and thoughts

• Custom tags for powerful organizing and filtering

• A journal to complement every vision board

• Vision board ‘Story View’ that lets you swipe through each entry

• Unlimited vision boards (premium feature)

• Unlimited photo and text entries (premium feature)

• Unlimited motivational quotes (premium feature)

• Premium upgrade is a one-time, lifetime upgrade

• No expensive subscriptions

• No login or registration required

• No ads of any kind

• All data resides on your device and not on any server

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