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Drink Water Tracker Reminder

Drink Water Tracker Reminder

Daily hydration balance app


Water Time app is a simple tracker & reminder designed to remind you to drink water during the day

Do you drink enough water everyday?

Do you often forget to drink water during the day?

You do not have enough time to count the amount of water you are drinking?

Do you drink the amount of water you need every day?


If your answer is ‘no’ or “I don’t know’, then our “Water Time” app is for you!


Our Water Time app is a simple tracker & reminder designed to remind you to drink water during the day to help you stay hydrated and improve your health. It is advisable to drink 1.5L to 2L of water a day, and we know how much it is a real challenge for everyone. That’s why we created “Water Time”, an ideal health and fitness app to help you drink the amount of water you need every day!

We have specially designed it for busy and active people. So, you do not need to schedule it anymore because a notification will remind you to drink water on time, thus avoiding dehydration and this, especially during summer.


The “Water Time” application can help you to establish a healthy daily habit, but also to avoid dehydration by allowing you to maintain a good hydration while accelerating your metabolism instantly!

You can keep track of your required water consumption in time and quantity, but also configure it according to your activity, which can be easily modified according to your diet.


Our “Water Time” app can also help you normalize your water balance, cleanse your body and thus improve your health and well-being.

With only one month of use of our application, you will take the good habit of properly hydrating your daily life by drinking the amount of water needed by your body, which will greatly improve your health.


Do not be afraid anymore to forget to hydrate yourself thanks to our “Water Time” app. It will remind you daily to drink water regularly throughout your day.


Our “Water Time” app will help you unleash the power of water (H2O) and has many benefits for your health and well-being:

– water is an effective method to fight against stress and fatigue;

– drinking enough water can improve your complexion;

– water helps regulate your body temperature and blood sugar level;

– drinking enough water can improve your health in a few days;

– the water allows a better oxygenation of your body;

– drinking water allows you to lose weight and is also the basis of any professional diet;

– drinking water helps to detoxify your body;

– drinking enough water will help you stay fit and enduring. A simple diet in itself.

– drinking enough water helps prevent kidney stones;

– drinking enough water can relieve your headaches that are commonly due to dehydration, especially when you wake up.


Unleash the power of water (H2O) in you, because your health depends on it!


By downloading our “Water Time” application, you will appreciate:

– Its intuitive interface

– simple settings

– Its automatic calculation of the amount of daily water required according to your weight.


The app has integration with Apple Health and we use HealthKit.


Stay healthy by hydrating yourself daily with the right amount of water and we can ensure you that your body will say “thank you”! 😉

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