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Gimi – Financial Superskills

Gimi – Financial Superskills

Allowance, savings and chores


Financial Superskills for children and young people

Gimi is a pocket money app and chores manager.

The free app was created for busy families to help children and teenagers manage pocket money, grow their savings and learn how to master their personal finances, in one safe, fun place.

The mobile pocket money manager teaches kids financial education that will benefit them through life because practice makes perfect and smart money management achieves dreams!

Using Gimi, parents can set a recurring allowance along with chores for their children to complete and keep track of how they are doing. Kids can suggest tasks to top-up their weekly allowance money, send picture proof when they’ve finished them and save money towards their dreams.

Key features for parents:

– Set your children up with a recurring weekly or monthly pocket money with the allowance tracker

– Introduce them to interest rates and show them how they can impact their savings with the savings tool for kids

– Schedule household chores, monitor their completion and reward hard work using the chores manager

– Keep track of everything in one place. Schedule pocket money payments and see how much they have earned, spent and saved in real-time

Key features for kids:

– Receive a regular allowance from your parents

– Earn additional pocket money through completing jobs around the house and good behavior

– See how much you have earned in pocket money for this week or month

– Save up for your dream buys and see how close you are to achieving them

– Connect with other family members for an additional boost to your savings

Earn, save, and spend money with Gimi, for 18 years old and below.

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