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Habit — Daily Tracker

Habit — Daily Tracker

Crush your goals like a boss


Break Bad Habits. Build Great Habits. Daily.

*** App Of The Day in 120+ countries ***

“The interface is clean and graphic, and there are no distracting bells and whistles. Feel the force of Habit.”


Daily Habit Tracker is a stylish goal-tracking app that nudges you to ensure you hit your targets.


Tick off your task every time you do it, and Habit will give you a percentage success rate. The more you use it and the more disciplined you are the higher your success rate and the better your progress report. You can also view this data at a glance on a graph. The app is completely free to use!


Why more than 900,000 users choose Daily Habit Tracker?

1. You don’t need to pay a penny to start building great habits.

2. Ad-free. We hate ads & don’t want to bother our users

3. Stats & Graphs. Track a clear overview of your progress.

4. Reminders. Receive a friendly notification on time.

5. Motivate yourself. Add motivation quotes to your habits.



– Track unlimited habits.

– Widget. Get a handy tool for a fast tick off.

– Colour customisation. Choose the colour you love.

– Extended notifications. Mark habit as done, postpone reminder for 5 minutes, 1 or 4 hours straight from the notification.

– Backup Your Data. Keep your progress safe using iCloud backup

– Dark mode. Join the dark side for better vision and style.



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