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Kiwi – Scooter Sharing

Kiwi – Scooter Sharing

Kiwi Electric Scooter


Kiwi is the most affordable and enjoyable way to make short trips within your city.

Find your Kiwi electric scooter by locating them on your Kiwi App. Pick-up & Drop-off wherever you want. Find a Kiwi now in Kyiv or Odesa and start your ride!

Kiwi was born to fight against ineffective and overpriced urban transportation as well as the problem of city-wide air pollution. Kiwi electric scooters are completely emission-free – use a Kiwi for the benefit of the environment and take a stand against Climate Change. You’ll love the Kiwi Electric Scooter!

How does the Kiwi Electric Scooter work?
– Download Kiwi App
– Create Your Account in a minute
– Locate nearby Scooters
– Scan the QR code to Unlock Your Kiwi
– Enjoy Your Ride to Your Destination
– Follow the Traffic Rules and Park Your Kiwi Accordingly
– Take a Photo of Your Parked Scooter via App and End Your Ride

Ride your Kiwi to:
– Get to school and work.
– Explore your city.
– To reach other public transportation resources.
– Enjoy with your friends and family.
– Reach to tourist attractions.
– Get some fresh air!

Invite your friends and join our community to collect free rides and minutes.

Further information and FAQs:

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