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Time to face myself


Keep track of your moods to understand yourself better.

Keep track of your moods to understand yourself better.

The most simple way to improve your emotional wellbeing is here.



– How are you feelings? Select the right mood for your day.

– You can also upload one picture in a polaroid frame.

– When you select the mood and write a journal, you can edit the date to record for the previous days.

– If you don’t want to keep a specific log, press long to delete it.

– Share your feelings with your friends if you want.

– Also, various font styles are provided.

– Data back-up is provided through iCloud sync.


If you have any ideas and feedback to share with us, please email us to or find us on Instagram @moodaforyou and send DM. 🙂


Mood Diary is here for you.

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