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Food ordering the smart way.


You can easily order the most delicious meals from thousands of restaurants.

Listen up! No matter if you’re rushing to an important meeting, watching your favourite TV show on a lazy Saturday afternoon or commuting on the train – with us, your favourite dishes are always ready to go. Regardless of your location. With the app now available on your preferred smart devices, we’ve got you covered right through to when your meal arrives.
Order on Mobile
You’re on your way home from work and all you can think of is Paella Valenciana. Skip the shops and get your dinner delivered the moment you take your shoes off. Order on the go, straight from your mobile phone. Quick and easy. Inside or outside. Totally up to you!
Order on Tablet
You’re at your in-laws, scrolling through old family photos on your tablet, when all of a sudden your appetite for green curry shows up. Don’t fret! Get everyone on board and order a delicious family meal right then and there, conveniently via your device.
Order on your TV
Couch potato for a day! Yes, we’d love that too. Even better: Order that mouthwatering lasagne dish you had last week directly via your TV without ever having to miss a second of your favourite TV show, curling match or relaxation program. Living it up!
Order on your Fridge
Your home, your soulmate. Well, almost. With the arrival of home automation, your everyday devices adapt to your needs and desires, turning your household into an intelligent hub of comfort and ease. Empty fridge? Don’t worry, it will let you know! Who needs love, if you can have convenience, right?
Order on laptop / desktop
Large or small orders, no problem at all! Take your time and select tasty dishes on a big screen with all filters in sight. Hassle-free, straight from your laptop at work, in bed or in the park. Choose from a large variety of partner restaurants and enjoy. You’ve got this!
Order food the easy way
Are you feeling like a delicious pizza, salad, burger or kebab? You can easily order the most delicious meals from thousands of restaurants.

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