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Riveo – Filter + Vfx Composer

Riveo – Filter + Vfx Composer

Glitch, lofi, glitter, slomo


Riveo. Video and FX editing for iPhone and iPad. Retro, glitch, VHS, bokeh and more.


Mix images, videos, effects, filters and more. Add keyframes, masks and blend modes for everything to come together.



Style your footage to look like a VHS tape, turn it retro, add glitches or blur out the edges. Riveo lets you layer effects for unlimited possibilities.


Motion Effects

Effects that respond to your moves. Throw fire, water, rain and more just by moving your body.


Text Effects

Animate text in 3D. Have your words bounce in or have your message pop out. Presets will get you started, tweak the settings to make them your own.


Retime videos with HD motion

Add slo-mos and boomerangs to your videos. Fast forward or rewind. HD Motion will create missing frames to make the movement buttery smooth.


Keyframe everything

Ramp up the fire, move in an image. Keyframes let you animate what you add to your scene.


Integrated Camera

The camera is right in the editor. Record, edit, repeat. The integrated workflow makes creating your videos easier than ever before.



Well, you know how those works.


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So if you’ve read the marketing blurb up until here, you care about the details as much as we do. We – or I, it’s actually just me – care about how everything fits together. The UI, for example, uses a lot of gesture driven components, this makes navigating quite a bit easier. And notice how the effect previews update when you scrub the video? This is not a coincidence. When you slow down a video the thumbnails will expand as well, hinting at how time expands when you slow it down.

There is more to do – there always is – and I’m excited for you to see it. Let me know what you think!



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