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ScreenZen- Screen Time Control

ScreenZen- Screen Time Control

PAUSE to Limit Phone Pickups


Many of the distracting apps use rewards and gamification (like number of likes on a photo) to capture attention. With ScreenZen™, you can use the same tricks to help yourself undo your habit loops with these apps.


While some apps require GPS to track when you pick up your phone or VPN to invasively block your internet access, ScreenZen™ uses shortcuts to allow you to pause before opening the app.


Privacy is a top concern for app users (as it should be) and your data, including specific app use data is never stored anywhere except on your own device.


Read the privacy policy here:



*****ScreenZen ™ is FREE for a limited time during initial release******

Download now to start your journey towards a more balanced relationship with your phone.

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