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Sonus Island: Relaxing Sounds

Sonus Island: Relaxing Sounds

Guided Mindfulness & Sleep


*** Best of 2017 ***


Sonus Island is the perfect app to help you relax, focus and sleep better. Listen to the soothing sounds of waves rolling on the shore or relax to the meditative music while falling asleep under the stars on a sandy beach.


Sonus is a beautiful island bursting with color. No matter which area of the island you visit, the richly illustrated landscape will amaze you.


By combining tropical nature scenes with high quality 3D soundscapes and ambient music we have created a truly immersive world filled with nature, that can have a positive effect on stress levels and helps you relax – a world you can enter whenever you like to unwind and energize your mind.


Imagine you can go to a tropical island anytime you like, anywhere you are. That’s Sonus Island! Discover illustrated landscapes and unwind after a busy day while listening to a guided meditation, soothing music and the sounds of waves and tropical birds.


Take a trip to Sonus Island and let yourself be surprised by the colourful illustrated landscapes and amazing sounds.



+ 10 richly illustrated landscapes bursting with color

+ Different places on the island to visit, for every occasion and mood

+ Super high quality 3D sounds and ambient music

+ From birdsong to crashing waves, Sonus island contains very diverse nature sounds

+ English spoken guided meditations

+ 3 different guided meditations to help you focus, relax or fall asleep

+ Easy to use timer for timed sessions and a sleep timer

+ Breathing exercise

+ In-app purchase gives you access to the whole island

+ HealthKit integration

+ Universal app for iPhone and iPad

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