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Sorted³ – Calendar Notes Tasks

Sorted³ – Calendar Notes Tasks

Planner, Reminders & To Do


Sorted³ combines your tasks, calendar events and notes into a unified timeline so you can hyper-schedule your entire day in one place.

Meet the world’s first Hyper-Scheduler!


If you’ve ever struggled with to-do lists or managing your day, then you need to try hyper-scheduling with Sorted³.


FREE forever. Also check out the PRO features for 14 days.


NO Subscription! Get PRO to gain the full power of Sorted³ once and for all. PRO iOS and macOS are separate purchases. You can choose to buy the bundle or separately.


Sorted³ has been featured by Apple as [App Of The Day], [Apps We Love Right Now] & [Get Stuff Done] in 130+ regions.


We’ve now rebuilt the app from the ground up to make it even easier (and more fun) to hyper-schedule your entire day from a single place.


As you start integrating Sorted³ into your daily workflow, you’ll notice 3 foundational benefits:


● Unified Timeline


Sorted³ seamlessly integrates your calendar events and tasks into one timeline so you can manage your entire day from a single place. To make things even more delightful, you can take formatted notes, attachments and drawings on both your events and tasks inside the app.


● Effortless Scheduling


Sorted³ helps you easily set a schedule for your day, and decide what’s important, what can wait, and what you reasonably have time for. You can use Auto Schedule to figure out what you can realistically get done in a day. Instead of feeling underproductive, Sorted³ helps you set attainable goals that you can accomplish.


● Built-in Flexibility


Even when properly scheduled in advance, days don’t always go as planned! Sorted³ is built with that flexibility in mind to adjust to your changing schedule. It’s as dynamic as your day, with smart features such as Magic Select and our signature Time Ruler to help you shift things around with a few taps.


On top of all these, there are various other functionalities to make your experience more fun and seamless across all your devices:


– New Widgets for iOS 14 & macOS Big Sur

– Auto Backup

– Timeline view

– iCloud Sync

– Powerful repeat rules

– Light & Dark Themes

– Natural Language Processing

– URL Scheme

– Siri Integration

– And much more!


● Get Sorted³ Today


If you’ve ever struggled with to-do lists or managing your day, then you need to try hyper-scheduling with Sorted³.


– Sorted³ for macOS is now available on the Mac App Store!

– Sorted³ PRO is also available for Mac (sold separately)


To learn more, check our website and blog (


We love hearing from our users about how much clarity and focus Sorted³ brings to their day.


We can’t wait for you to try it out and see for yourself!


● Community & Support


Join our Slack community by visiting:

Twitter: @SortedHQ


Support Center:

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