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Synergy Eats

Synergy Eats

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Synergy Eats is a combined food service. On the menu you will find pizza, rolls, poke, snacks, side dishes, wok dishes, drinks and desserts, as well as basic balanced meals for everyone who cares about their health.

The menu also features meat-free alternative burgers, gluten-free pizza, sugar-free lemonades and kombucha.

An important section on the menu is the breakfast, which was created so that whenever you think about what to eat, you can choose the Synergy Eats food service.

Synergy Eats food service is a new project of a restaurant company in Odessa, which was created in order to save guests’ time and is aimed at ensuring that every guest can receive a quality product and service, regardless of where he is.

The Synergy Eats brand value is restaurant-grade food preparation accompanied by the best quality products and equipment, supervised by the best team of chefs in the Synergy Group.

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