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Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Wellness & Workout Programs


Nike Training Club goes way beyond the workout. Strengthen your muscles and your mindset with free guidance from your favorite trainers, athletes and wellness experts.


Workout with a wide selection of workouts and programs*, get motivated with our Nike Trainers and gain tips for complete wellness. From home workouts to healthy recipes — strengthen both your mind and body with world-class personal trainers and wellness experts.


Easily find the perfect workout for staying active at home, from low intensity to high, including:

• YOGA: Essential Yoga Flows for Every Day

• CORE & STRENGTH: Best of Abs, Arms, and Glutes

• HOME WORKOUTS: Big Workouts for Small Spaces

• QUICK FITNESS: Done in Under 20

• ALL ATHLETES: Exercises for all levels


NTC is here to help you stay strong in more ways than one – download today.



• HIT workouts, strength training, ab and core workouts, full body workouts, yoga, stretch and more – all available straight from your phone

• Home fitness is easier than ever with free workouts you can do with minimal to no equipment

• No matter how you get your sweat on, start with an inspiring trainer to get you started

• Workout by body part: target your abs and core, arms and shoulders, and glutes and legs

• New workouts every week with the trainers you love, with new in-class music curated for every workout

• Exercise & healthy habits are built with workout scheduling – schedule your workouts and receive reminders beforehand



• Training extends past the physical: receive guidance on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep

• Begin your  wellness journey with experts, trainers and athletes

• NTC TV: healthy recipes, guided meditations and mindfulness techniques in quick, easy videos



• Workout videos available for all disciplines – HIT, yoga, core, cardio and more

• Exclusive livestreams with Nike Trainers, experts and athletes for training and guidance***

• Engage in programs led by Nike Trainers – designed to be flexible and fit into your busy life*

• Wellness Q&As, guided meditations and healthy cook-alongs can shift your mindset to mindfulness

• VOD Premiere Workouts are the movements you’ve been waiting for with special athlete and musical guests**



• Find everything you need, all in one place

• Latest workouts and wellness content, from inspirational to educational

• Check out the newest items from Nike Training including tips, guidance and more


Nike Training Club – Your Holistic Training Guide.


Focus more on your workout and less on your phone when you connect your Apple Watch with NTC. Easily advance to the next drill, pause, skip drills and more, all while monitoring your heart rate and calories right from your wrist.



Enter any other daily workouts in the Activity tab to keep an accurate account of your fitness journey. If you use the Nike Run Club app, your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history.


Nike Training Club works with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart-rate data.


Apple Music: used to access music library to play music during workouts.


*Programs available in the US and UK. Plans available globally.

**VOD available in the US, UK, BR, JP, CN, FR, DE, RU, IT, ES, MX and KR.

***NTC Live currently available in the US, UK and JP.

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