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Oak – Meditation & Breathing

Oak – Meditation & Breathing

Meditate, Breathe, Sleep


Meditation and breathing

Oak helps you decompress by transforming your meditation practice from an experiment into a habit. We support you from your first session to your 500th, with mindful, loving-kindness, and sleep meditations as well as unguided sessions and breathing exercises. Individualize your meditations by duration, and customize with silence or calming background sounds. Oak tracks your progress and encourages you to continue building a healthy meditation practice.



– Guided mindful and loving-kindness meditations with male and female instructors

– Choose a guided session duration ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in length

– Choose unguided meditation sessions ranging from 5 minutes to 24 hours in length

– Sit in silence or choose soothing background tracks (bells, blocks, bowls, streams, and other gentle sounds) that encourage restfulness

– Courses: go deeper and learn to practice Mantra meditation with a 10-day course


– Simple yogic breathing exercises that can easily be performed on-the-go

– Options include Box Breathing, Deep Calm, and Awake sessions

– Animated instruction removes the guesswork


– Guided breathing exercises help relax your mind as you drift off to sleep

– Choose silence or gentle background sounds to play during and after your session

Meditation Timer

– For unguided meditation, set your custom mediation duration, background sounds (or silence), and interval chimes

Progress Tracking

– Oak tracks the number of minutes/hours you’ve meditated, mindful breaths you’ve taken, and the number of meditation/breathing sessions you’ve accomplished, as well as any consecutive streaks

– Discover new accomplishment badges the more you breathe and meditate with us

– The power of community: Monitor the number of Oak members mindfully breathing and meditating in real time

– Oak supports Apple HealthKit for tracking “mindful minutes” with the Health app (optional).

Thank you for taking care of yourself through meditation. Have questions or feedback? Reach out to us anytime at

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