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Period tracker Pinkllama

Period tracker Pinkllama

Menstral cycle & ovulation app


• Track your Period & Cycle

• Smart predictions for period, ovulation & fertility window

• Log your symptoms & mood

• Simple cute design

• Reminders before the next period, fertility window & ovulation

• Health tips that can explain your cycle, help identify regularities & irregularities. Find out more about your body, cycle, ovulation & fertility. Get health tips based on your data.

• Low or High chance to get pregnant daily status


Want to know when your next Period is coming? Confused by symptoms? Want to take your birth control pills on time? Pinkllama is the easiest & funniest way to track your menstrual cycle.


Pinkllama period tracker is a simple and fun app, that will help you to track your period, predict your ovulation, learn about your symptoms, moods, and more!


Besides the basic period calendar function, you can record anything about yourself such as cycle, symptoms, moods, pills, etc. It is designed to be your personal cycle tracker friend.

Get period, ovulation and fertile window predictions you can trust! Set up reminders so you know exactly when your next cycle is about to begin, track your period days, and access health tips tailored to your cycle.


Pinkllama period tracker takes your privacy very seriously! Unlike many other women’s health apps, we don’t require your email address to sign up and we don’t sell or share your personal health data. It’s your little secret & it will stay with you!


Pinkllama free period tracker app features: track your period & cycle, calendar view, period/fertility/ovulation smart predictions 1 month ahead, prediction reminders, log your mood, see if it’s low or high chance to get pregnant in your daily status, cycle & period length options.

Pinkllama premium paid features: track 30+ symptoms, 12 months period/fertility/ovulation smart predictions, daily health tips, reminders to take a pill. Plus you’ll be able to access even more symptoms, tips & other features in the future monthly updates.


Pinkllama premium features are available as a $4.99 annual subscription or as a $6.99 one-time purchase. Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the billing period. You can go to your iTunes Account Settings to manage your subscription & turn off auto-renew. To restore all your previous purchases use the “Restore Purchases” button located at the bottom of the Premium Features popup.


Track your mood, symptoms, cycle on daily basis & stay healthy & happy! 😉



Pinkllama cycle fertility & period forecasts may not be totally accurate & should not be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Forecast accuracy depends on a number of factors including how regular one’s cycle length is, when one actually ovulates during the cycle, and how many periods have been logged in the app. Anxiety, stress, diet, nutrition, exercise, environment, medications, age and other factors can also affect one’s cycle from month to month.

Natural birth control may cause unwanted pregnancy, please use safe & effective way to protect the intercourse.

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