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Yandex.Eats is a service that allows you to order food from your favorite local cafes and restaurants.

Choose from ever-popular burgers, pizza, and club sandwiches to traditional local cuisine. Order using our app and have food delivered to your doorstep in minutes.

We deliver from cafes and restaurants near you. That way it only takes us about 32 minutes to deliver your order – and maintain just the right temperature and pleasant look.

We carefully select local cafes and restaurants. No matter if you fancy high-end Asian delicacies or something experimentally vegan, we offer a wide variety of choices. You can order from your nearest McDonald’s or from that quaint family-owned café around the corner – whatever you feel like today. It’s all about delicious food!

See the live status of your order in your Yandex.Eats account. Rate your order to help us make Yandex.Eats even better for you.

— Drop a pin on the map or type in your address.
— Choose a restaurant available in your area.
— Add everything you like to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Get a carton of milk for your omelet, or that extra bag of potato chips for your all-night movie marathon from Yandex.Lavka! Lavka delivers groceries, household supplies, and other products faster than it will take you to actually go down to your nearby shop. Get everything you need from the comfort of your home, fast.
Yandex.Lavka is available only in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Kazan.
If you have any special requests, leave them in the comments to your order.
Questions or suggestions? Email us at
It only gets tastier!

The Yandex.Eats team
Yandex.Eats is a food ordering informational service. Special offers, time and areas of delivery are limited, see for details. Fast delivery — the average delivery time for orders — 32 minutes (according to the Service data from 29.07.2019 to 11.08.2019).

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